Mechanical systems are a fundamental building component applicable to every building type and market use. Effective mechanical HVAC systems must address occupant comfort as well as maintain a healthy building environment.

Mechanical HVAC systems are typically the single largest consumer of energy in a building. Despite this, the HVAC systems performance is most successful when the building occupants are not aware of aware of the operation, changes in temperature, or variance in air movement. IBC employs proven strategies for building analysis, equipment selection, and system design to address the specific requirements of a project. This is coupled with careful consideration of all aspects of the project, user requirements, and strategies for energy conservation to provide a custom, integrated, and sustainable approach to all our designs.   

IBC is staffed by seasoned professional engineers, designers, and LEED Accredited Professionals who engage each project by utilizing sound engineering principles, asking questions throughout the process, and applying solutions targeted to provide performance and energy efficiency while keeping within budget and making the best use of available resources.


  • Boiler and Chiller Plant Design
  • Air Handling Systems
  • Hydronic Piping Systems
  • Refrigerant Piping and VRF Systems
  • Geothermal System


  • Thermal Storage Systems
  • Smoke Control and Removal Systems
  • Healthcare and Laboratory Ventilation Systems
  • Building Automation Systems and Control


  • Process Piping Systems Coordination and Design
  • Facility Condition Reports
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Construction Support Services

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