Our Difference

It’s our nature

The inherent qualities of our engineers make working with us different.

Our mission? To exceed our clients' expectations.

At IBC Engineering, we have a philosophy that no two projects are ever the same, we come into every engagement with an open mind and a desire to do things right.

In every project, we take time to get to the right solution by asking questions and taking a consultative approach. We’re thoughtful engineers who weigh and measure every option and consider every detail to put together solid recommendations we can stand behind.

This philosophy isn’t something that our people learn, it’s something already in their heart and soul—it’s our nature.

Customer Focused
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In every engagement, our clients value that our engineers bring a broad perspective and detailed focus to the table through the following qualities:


Thinking different is what our engineers do best. Drawing upon our diverse backgrounds, we’re always looking for new ways to apply proven technologies in the markets we serve.


Let us be a member of your design team. Together, our engineers will work closely with a project’s architects and contractors to understand, recommend and deliver exactly what’s needed.

Problem Solving

We take on the tough projects because our people are natural-born problem solvers. Through our engineering expertise, experience and creativity, we can tackle any challenge.

The Art & Science of Engineering

Because engineering is about more than just the analytical. Inherent in each of our engineers is a creative spark that enables us to bring unique MEP design solutions to the table.

It’s our nature, to put our clients’ interests first to ensure every project results in a successful outcome

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