Blue Ridge House

Nestled in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains, the Blue Ridge House is an extraordinary home with elegance and splendor. There are different ways to approach projects such as this and Gluck+, the architectural firm responsible for the design, takes the approach of owning the responsibility of such an undertaking from concept through management of the construction process. While there is a sense of extravagance with such a residential project, there was also a sense of environmental responsibility with inclusion of a 15-kW wind turbine, geothermal system for heating and cooling, green roofs, and solar louvers to reduce solar heat gains, all in an effort to achieve a zero-carbon footprint.

2011 Design Award of Honor – Society of American Registered Architects
14,000 square feet
  • HVAC Design Assist
  • Electrical Design Assist
  • Plumbing Design Assist

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