Artist Retreat

Located in Upstate New York, the Artist Retreat is constructed of simple cubes connected by glass hallways intended to be a remote working studio for a photographer. Each portion of the Artist Retreat is dedicated to function, to live, to work, and to sleep. The simplistic appearance is a façade which hides the challenges of the elegant design. As is the case with many projects such as this, we see the elegance because of what is not seen.

2017 Honor Award for Residential Design – AIA QUAD Design Award

2017 Design Award of Excellence – Society of American Registered Architects

2017 Winner – The American Architecture Prize

. 2017 International Architecture Award – The Chicago Athenaeum & The European Centre for Architecture

2017 Design Award of Merit – Society of American Registered Architects/NY Council

2016 Residential Architect Design Award – Architect Magazine
14,000 square feet
  • HVAC Design Assist
  • Electrical Design Assist
  • Plumbing Design Assist

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