St. Anthony's Apartments

Heartland Housing Inc. is a non-profit corporation that has been serving the homeless and special needs populations in Chicago and Milwaukee for the last 25 years. The St. Anthony’s Apartments project called for the complete renovation of a historic five story building which originally served as a hospital and was formerly home to the Milwaukee County Correction Center before being purchased by Heartland Housing Inc. St. Anthony Apartments includes 54 one-bedroom and 5 studio apartments.  Each apartment includes its own bathroom and kitchen.  The apartments deliver affordable permanent supportive housing targeting individuals that are chronically homeless and those at risk of homelessness.   The building features approximately 15,000 square feet of commercial space which will be utilized by three community service programs, the Milwaukee County Day Reporting Center, St. Ben’s Community Meal Program, and the St. Ben’s Health Clinic.

67,000 square feet
  • HVAC Design Assist
  • Electrical Design Assist
  • Lighting Design Assist
  • Plumbing Design Assist
  • Energy Modeling

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