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At IBC Engineering we help guide academic institutions through programming and design to replace aging infrastructure, plan new research and lab facilities, improve utilities, and upgrade technologies.

Optimizing Campus Efficiency for Cost Savings and Safety

With IBC’s facility condition and assessment program, you’ll receive expert guidance on maintaining a high-performance campus. Key systems are evaluated for capacity, life expectancy, and replacement costs. 

Significant needs are addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner and renovation projects are anticipated (planned) and budgeted.

Straightforward recommendations emphasize energy efficiency and right-sizing to reduce consumption and introduce cost-cutting measures. We also find ways to minimize maintenance requirements to improve cost-effectiveness. 

IBC’s engineers will evaluate facility systems such as air ventilation and indoor space conditions to enhance student safety. We also assess interior lighting for ways to minimize stress, improve academic success, and enhance overall energy efficiency. Additionally, throughout the campus, we identify places where upgraded lighting will improve safety and security on the campus. 

By operating more efficiently, your school will have more capital to invest in advanced programs and first-rate faculty

Gateway Technical College

Harper College David K Hill Family Library

Orrin Pilkey Research Laboratory at Duke University Marine Lab

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