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Sustainability: Our Heart and Soul

When you choose IBC Engineering, you choose an award-winning, MEP engineering firm that is dedicated to delivering high-performance buildings.  We haven’t become recognized and respected as an engineering firm by chance.  Our culture is infused with a progressive spirit that embraces innovation, creativity, and sustainability.  On every project, IBC Engineers lead, explore and contribute by testing emerging methods against proven techniques.  As a result, our clients gain the advantage of a stronger bottom line and enhanced operational efficiencies.

That’s because we practice integrated design, working with all project stakeholders to identify needs and objectives, analyze alternatives and deliver superior results.  It’s what sets us apart and what makes our projects more energizing and creative.

At IBC, we understand the importance of energy-efficient design and system operation for your building.  We can assist you whether your motivation comes from green initiatives, energy conservation, indoor environment improvements, or operating cost reduction.  Our team of engineers can help you reach your goals.  We question assumptions, we listen, and we dig deeper. We believe that every building and building owner deserve our best and we work hard to deliver it.

Today, we remain committed to our founding philosophy and continue to change the way architects, contractors and owners think about building systems and sustainability—because it’s our nature.

At IBC Engineering, Sustainability Means:

  • More than mere energy policy.
  • A philosophy that protects and nurtures the earth, and the health and well-being of its inhabitants.
  • Being proactive instead of reactive.
  • Holding this planet in trust for the next generation.
  • Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future.
  • Maintaining a balance between what we take, and what we put back.
  • Being conscious of the equipment, materials and processes we use.
  • Using our skills and talents as engineers to do our part.

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