Commissioning is an Owner focused process, dedicated to improvement of the delivered project, and IBC is an enthusiastic advocate for supporting the implementation of the commissioning process across the spectrum of application. While guided by industry standards for commissioning guidelines, we work to tailor the process to the needs of the project to assist in resolving systemic issues prior to substantial completion, minimize warranty related issues, and help building occupants settle into a building that is ready for them and their day to day operations.

We are guided by four main principles:

  • Teamwork: Ensuring participation of all responsible parties.
  • Transparency: Mapping the path of the process and intent of activities with the goal of keeping clear communication at all times.
  • Integration: The commissioning process must be seamlessly integrated with design and construction efforts to allow positive and productive coexistence and should not inhibit the work or schedule of others.
  • Document Success: As a summation and record of our principals, an improved delivered project is a success in which everyone can share.

We believe that commissioning can benefit every project.

Our commissioning team of is comprised of Engineers, LEED Accredited Professionals, and credentialed professionals by third party organizations such as ASHRAE and BCxA.


  • CxLite
  • LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning
  • Whole Building Commissioning (ASHRAE Guideline 0)
  • RetroCommissioning

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