LEED has become the international standard for design, construction and operation of high-performance structures. LEED v4 is designed to raise the profile with a more flexible, performance-based approach that calls for measurable results throughout a building’s life cycle. It also allows for a more streamlined user experience with additional goal-oriented credits.

Our buildings are alive and there is an expanded focus on metering and monitoring, which encourages building owners to track energy, water and ventilation rates. Therefore, teams consider and work toward higher levels of performance for projects at every stage – design, construction, and operations.

LEED v4 offers more flexibility, including a more performance based approach to design, operations and maintenance with measurable results throughout a project’s life cycle. LEED v4 brings smart grid thinking to the forefront, rewarding projects for participating in demand response programs. In addition, LEED v4 includes expanded focus on materials, going beyond looking at total amount used to evaluate the impact on human health and environment. LEED v4 also provides a more comprehensive approach to water efficiency by evaluating total building water use.