Milwaukee County Zoo African Elephant Exhibit – Milwaukee, WI

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The Milwaukee County Zoo located near the interchange of Interstate 94 and 45 houses nearly 1,800 animals and covers an area of 200 acres.  The Zoo has expanded greatly since 1958 and continues to be the areas number one tourist attraction.  To maintain the high level of experience for guests and create a healthy environment for the animals the Zoo has started a new capital improvement campaign that will span 10-20 years.  The new Elephant Exhibit is the first phase of a new master plan at the Milwaukee County Zoo to modernize the facilities per AZA standards to improve animal wellness and enhance guest experiences. 

The Adventure Africa exhibit included specialized enrichment areas such as 8ft deep watering hole/pool, a motion sensor activated shower, misting fans and infrared heaters to keep the elephants mentally and physically healthy.

IBC Engineering Services, Inc. was responsible for MEP Design and construction support.  Additional efforts included designing and coordination of new utilities to the site.

This project was the recipient of the 2019 Daily Reporter Top Projects Award.

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