Daily Reporter 2023 – Milwaukee Tool Red Beacon

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Milwaukee Tool Team at The Daily Reporter 2023 Awards Dinner

IBC Engineering Services, Inc. was recognized by The Dailly Reporter and Milwaukee Business Journal for our work done on the Milwaukee Tool Red Beacon. IBC Engineering Services worked alongside GRAEF, Stephen Perry Architects, Sigma Engineering, and many other notable firms. IBC provided Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Lighting services throughout the project.  

Renovating the 40-year-old building into the new office for Milwaukee Tool, innovation and the latest technology were used to make it successful. While IBC was working on designs, Stephen Perry Architects were using virtual reality to share their design ideas and options in real time. This was also successful since the building was empty during this process. This also aided in timeliness on the construction side. 

Now, a multi-story atrium stands out as the building’s defining feature on top of the other features while employees were actively working in Milwaukee Tool. Putting up barriers to lower the noise and increase safety was implemented, and in the end, successful. It is currently the state’s largest-ever influx of jobs by a suburban-based firm to downtown Milwaukee. The completed building is expected to house more than 1,200 employees. 

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