Solar Mapping

Washington, DC

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As part of the city’s Sustainable D.C. program, Washington D.C. hopes to reach a 2.5 percent solar energy usage goal by 2023. IBC Engineering is part of a team assisting the District to move toward that goal in a number of capacities.

This research, conducted in collaboration with The George Washington University’s Solar Institute, helps inform renewable energy and energy assistance programs in the District of Columbia. Demographic and property tax data were used to identify high-priority areas of the city.

Annual energy profiles of the buildings and neighborhoods were developed by applying regionally representative consumption and end-use values to the floor area of residential buildings. Finally, a constant value approach was applied to quantify the available rooftop solar resource, estimated cost of development, and projected value of energy produced, in the aggregate and for indicative dwellings. This research continues to be refined with integration of time-series energy demand and supply, as well as more granular LIDAR maps of roof area.

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