Police Administration Building (PAB) Garage Repair

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

project profile

Size: 47,000 Square Feet
Project Cost: $1 million (Estimated)
Completion Date: 2016 (Estimated)

Project Scope:
Mechanical (Plumbing) Upgrades

The Milwaukee Police Administration Building (PAB) Garage Repair project involved an analysis and proposed solutions report to identify and remedy the existing drainage and floor deterioration issues for the two level underground parking garage located in Downtown Milwaukee. The 45 year old parking garage has been experiencing drainage problems and deteriorating floor slab areas in recent years due to age and buildup of debris in the original underfloor piping and catch basins.

IBC was tasked with verifying existing conditions, identifying deficiencies and submit options for final design in a schematic design report that included drawings and probable construction cost estimates. IBC utilized a local plumbing contractor to televise the existing under slab drainage piping to identify blockages and settlement that has caused existing piping to sag or break.

The City of Milwaukee is using IBC’s report and cost estimates to fund a full design and construction project. It is anticipated that complete design and construction will take place in 2016.

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