City of Milwaukee Energy Audits

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Project Scope:
Facility Assessment and Energy Audit for Existing Municipal Buildings for the City of Milwaukee

Engine House 3
Engine House 4
Engine House 9
Engine House 19
Engine House 21
Engine House 25
MFD Repair Shop
Police District 2
Police Radio Shop
Port Pole Building
The City of Milwaukee energy audits were utilized to review multiple building performance and operation that included the condition and performance of the envelope, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as existing building control systems. Existing conditions and utility consumption was reviewed with recommendations provided to address aged equipment and future planning requirements that may need to be accommodated within various fiscal cycles.

Recommendations ranged from one-for-one replacements of boilers to upgrades of air handling equipment and control components, improvements on lighting for reduction in energy consumption and reduction in maintenance, modifications of domestic water heating, and suggestions such as providing time clock control of vending machines and water coolers for unoccupied periods. The assessment provided was intended to lay the ground work for decision makers to understand the options and provide a path for facility improvements that aligned with the intended progression of facility renovation.

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