Racine, Wisconsin

project profile

Size: 1M+ SF
Project Cost: $500,000 +
Completion Date:Multi-phase

Project Scope:
Electrical System Assessments with Design for Proposed Recommendations

Racine Unified School District is comprised of 35 schools, ranging from pre-kindergarten through high school. These schools, plus their supporting facilities, were constructed from the late 1800’s through today creating a condition of a wide range of installation methods and gear that is familiar to many. This condition results in assessment of aged infrastructure and strategically planned replacement as equipment exceeds life expectancies, equipment requires replacement, and facilities grow in their electrical needs with the changes in technologies utilized.

To date, IBC Engineering Services has provided assessments on electrical services and emergency power generation for the following schools and support facilities:

Administration Services Center (North and South)
JI Case High School
Horlick High School
Washington Park High School
North Park Elementary
West Ridge Elementary
Bull Fine Arts Elementary
SC Johnson Elementary
North Park Elementary
The intent of these assessments were to verify existing equipment and distribution, understand and define deficiencies observed, work with Racine Unified School District staff to understand future requirements, and provide a study which defined the existing conditions, provided recommendations to accommodate future requirements and deficiencies, and construction support services associated with a design/build process.

All of the assessments completed have had some form of implementation with the exception of the south Administration Building and North Park Elementary. These project have set the standard for Racine Unified School District for implementation of generator replacement.

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