New Berlin, Wisconsin

project profile

Size: 272,000 Square Feet
Project Cost: $22,000
Completion Date: 2012

Project Scope:
Existing Facility Assessment and Recommendations

The Eisenhower High School, within the School District of New Berlin, was originally constructed in 1969 and is an educational facility that serves approximately 1,200 students and faculty. This facility also houses the School District of New Berlin Administration Offices.

The intent of the assessment was to review the mechanical systems associated with the facility to understand the existing conditions, identify deficiencies that should be addressed short, mid, and long term, as well as, provide recommendations regarding improvements to the systems and their impact on the facility.

In addition, the existing facility utilized a central plant for chilled water and hot water to meet building demands and a building automation system. These systems have had minor upgrades and replacements, since the original construction. However, the School District required further review of the existing systems and options available to accommodate planning and financial obligations.

The existing conditions and operating sequences were reviewed, facility staff interviewed, and recommendations provided. As standard design and construction means were not able to be accommodated, the recommendations were implemented as a Performance Contract during the summer of 2013.

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