McKinley Middle School

Racine, Wisconsin

project profile

Size: 110,000 Square Feet
Project Cost: $5 million
Completion Date: 2014

Project Scope:

Originally constructed in 1920, McKinley Middle School has undergone a number of additions and renovations within its 110,000 square foot, three-story footprint.

IBC Engineering Services was asked to perform a conditions assessment of the sprawling mechanical system, and provided recommendations to replace the existing steam heating system with a more energy efficient hot water heating system with improved control capabilities.

Through performance contracting services provided by Trane, IBC was able to implement recommendations which included but was not limited to:

Hot water boilers were replaced for building heating,
Existing constant volume pumps were replaced with new VFD controlled pumps,
All unit ventilators at classrooms were replaced,
The Gymnasium air handling unit was replaced,
Booster coils associated with air handling units servicing the Cafeteria and Library were replaced,
A Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system was provided for heating and cooling of the Administration spaces, and
Integration of a new digitally controlled building management system was accommodated.

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