BAS Upgrades Phases 1 and 2

Madison, Wisconsin

project profile

Size: 129 beds, 8 stories
Project Cost: Phase 1 – $400,000 Phase 2 – $600,000
Completion Date:Phase 1 – 2012 Phase 2 – 2014

Project Scope:
Upgrade of BAS controls to Tridium control system : renovation


This project involved the upgrade of the Building Automation System (BAS) at the Wm. S. Middleton Memorial VA Hospital located in Madison, WI. The existing Building Automation Systems (BAS) were antiquated, proprietary, fragmented, not user-friendly, and/or did not meet the facility needs. The existing BAS was comprised of approximately thirty-nine air handling units on Johnson Controls Metasys system installed in the early 1990s and more recently seven AHUs and hydronic system pumps on an Alerton BACnet DDC system.

Our design team worked closely with the VA’s internal engineers and maintenance personnel to select design a new open protocol BAS head end. After much research and discussion with the VA personnel the Tridium integrated graphics software package was selected as the basis of design.

Phase 1 consisted design services necessary to install Tridium front-end, and to replace all control modules, controls, actuators, and other components necessary in order to upgrade seven of the thirty-nine air handlers to a new BACnet DDC and integrate to the new Tridium graphics interface.

Phase 2 consisted of replacing pneumatic controls with DDC on 11 more air handlers and integration of these air handlers to the Tridium system. Phase 2 also included a complete integration of the existing Alerton BACnet DDC system to the Tridium graphical interface. Future projects will integrate the remaining Johnson Controls Metasys system to new BACnet DDC systems and integrate to the Tridium system.

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