Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus

Saukeville, Wisconsin

project profile

Size: 21,150 Square Feet
Project Cost: $6 million
Completion Date: 2011

Project Scope:
fundamental + enhanced building commissioning : LEED Gold Certified

The Victoria Wellens Center for the Ozaukee Humane Society is a state-of-the-art animal care facility. Located on a busy state highway in Saukville, Wisconsin, the new facility was designed with a prominent grand lobby to attract interest from passing motorists. Program elements include an adoption center, veterinary clinic and educational classroom spaces.

The building aesthetic reflects the unique culture of the Humane Society and the semi-rural character of the area. Building materials were designed for durability and easy maintenance, while minimizing disease and noise transmission. The layout provides warm, welcoming spaces with abundant natural daylight, supporting a high quality visitor experience. The Wellens Center was designed to be the first “green” animal shelter in the Midwest, earning a LEED Gold Certification.

Mechanical system
Hot water system
Terminal units
ventilation system
Building Automated system
Domestic water heating system
Solar thermal heating system
Medical gas system
Electrical power distribution
Emergency power system
Lighting systems

Gold Certified

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