Milwaukee County House of Corrections - North Dorm HVAC Upgrades

Franklin, Wisconsin

project profile

Size: 65,000 Square Feet
Project Cost: $1 million
Completion Date: 2015

Project Scope:
HVAC Upgrades

IBC Engineering was retained for design and construction support services for the demolition of existing air handling units, addition of a DX cooling coil and condensing unit for an existing air handling unit, the addition of a new air handling unit with an air cooled condensing unit and the replacement of select general building exhaust fans and all associated ductwork and automatic temperature controls revisions required to successfully complete the project.

The project upgraded the ventilation and added much needed mechanical cooling to the north dormitory buildings. The new systems replaced old, inefficient steam radiators and non-compliant ventilation systems. The design incorporated premium motors and variable frequency drives as well as dehumidification and dew point economizer controls to provide increased comfort and energy efficiency.

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